The Studio

Nanyalin is the creative hand of Magic Mirror Studio and sculptress of the dolls. She is the mastermind and evil genius behind the whole MMS project (althought she has never been very succesful at being evil, but practice makes the master). She was born in Spain a secret number of years ago, studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and worked and lived in Spain, Ireland and Germany. It is no secret that she considers Ireland her second home and is very influenced (one could say ”obsessed”) with Celtic Mythology and folk tales, till the point that she proclames to be a Fairy herself. Considering the level of chaos inside her head one would be tempted to agree…


Avalon Benwick has recently joined the Studio as the person that has to be there making sure that Nanyalin does not eat the modelling clay, packs the correct dolls in the correct boxes, and makes sure that things are done in time. She also makes graphics and drawings, assists at photo sessions and pats Nany in the head when she is about to cry with deadlines. You can find all her awesome work at http://midnightavie.deviantart.com/